The Done List

With a business, a freelance gig, a blog, creative projects on the burners, and a family and friends to keep up with, managing my many to-do lists can be a terribly daunting task. And for moms of all kinds, no matter what they happen to be juggling, the daily to-do can seem a bit “one step forward, two steps back.”

I heard a great tip from another WAHM (work at home mom) the other day that I’ve started to implement recently. It makes me feel a bit like superwoman and hope it makes you feel the same. It’s “The Done List”


the done to do list alternative

Instead of staring at a list of things you’ve yet to do or finish for the day, create a list of all the stuff you have conquered. For example, here’s mine from the other morning:


1. Showered (and shaved my legs!)

2. Made 2 bottles (with just my left hand!)

3. Talked to my mom on the phone

4. Started a load of laundry

5. Washed all the bottles and loaded the dishwasher

6. Got dinner started (high five for crock pots!)

7. Instagrammed a funny photo of The Bubs

8. Made a smoothie, drank half before it melted

9. Changed 3 diapers

10. Sent my husband a love text

 See? I got a bunch done! :) 

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