The Cutest Pregnancy Announcement

I’ve seen several photo shoots where a chalkboard wall is involved but this pregnancy announcement from Dionne with photos from Archetype is by far the most clever I’ve ever seen. I especially love when she turns to the side and her imaginary bump appears. With chalk drawing skills like that, there are so many cute family photo ideas you could come up with. But it especially makes for a sweet pregnancy announcement.

  • A baby is on the way!

    A baby is on the way!

    One of these two must have some serious chalk skills to draw that darling crib.

  • Bump


    This is my favorite photo with the imaginary bump drawn in. Someday soon the bump won’t be so imaginary!

  • We are aware...

    We are aware...

    This little note makes me laugh because lack of sleep is the topic heard among many a mom conversation. A note to new parents, it is worth it!

Did you announce your pregnancy in a clever way?

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