The COOLEST DIY Craft Caddy You Ever Did See

Do you ever come across those totally simple, yet totally genius things? Well my friends, I’ve got that exact thing for you today. When my friend Sheri, shared this on her blog, I immediately asked her if I could share it with you here – it’s that amazing. Right around 9-10 months old, we began introducing art supplies to our girls. We’d let them fingerpaint, color, and explore. The one frustration we always ran into was the mess — crayons all over the place, markers where they weren’t supposed to be, etc. Little did I know was that the answer to all our problems was right here in this DIY Craft Caddy


To make the craft caddy, you only need a few things: a muffin tin, plastic cups, and some sticky magnetic paper. Simply cut the magnetic paper to the size of the bottom of each of the cups, stick it to the bottom, then magnet it to the inside of your muffin tin. Fill the cups with various art supplies — crayons, markers, paint brushes, etc. In ten minutes, you’ve created a cute, functional, and mess-saving little craft caddy! Totally simple, totally genius…

(Here’s a fun thought – you could also use this same thing to play a sorting game!)

All photos via Sheri Silver, from Donuts, Dresses, and Dirt

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