The Best Year Yet

When I’m asked, “What’s your favorite (blank)?” I kind of freeze up as if whatever I answer is definitive and important at that. But if you forced me to answer what year has been the best of my life so far, 2012 probably just took the number one spot. Most of that has to do with the little man but here’s a list of ten things that happened this year that contributed to making it my favorite one yet (in no particular order):

1. Moved into our first home
2. Beck joined our family
3. I officially became a mother
4. Met a new best friend
5. The London Olympic Games
6. My parents moved to France (trip planned for 2013!)
7. Family reunion
8. I hosted a workshop with Anthropologie
9. Trips to California and NYC
10. We’ve found complete joy in parenthood

Happy New Year!

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