The Best Gift from a Grandparent

We live thousands of miles away from all of my children’s grandparents, which means that a gift that really connects my children with my parents or in-laws is very meaningful to me.

Two years ago, my mother-in-law made a gift for each of her grandchildren that has become a family treasure.


She bought the book A Creature was Stirring for each family (this is the cutest Christmas book where each spread has a stanza of the classic “Twas the Night Before Christmas” on one page and then on the opposite page has a verse about a little boy who IS awake and watching for Santa).

A Creature was Stirring

Then, along with her youngest son who is a teenager, she recorded the text for the book (she read the classic poem and her son read the little boy’s part) and made a CD to go with each copy of the book.

Now, each Christmas, we get to pull out not only a beautiful book, but also hear it read by Grandma and Uncle Andrew. What a holiday treat!

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