The Animal That Reminds Me of My Daughter

Ella was only about three months old at her first Halloween. I’d found a pattern online for a baby owl costume, and both my husband and I were instantly in love with it.

I spent several evenings cutting, sewing, and gluing the whole thing together, and when the big day came, we dressed her up and, like first-time parents, took a million pictures of her.

I’m not sure she was quite as enthusiastic as her parents.

Owl Baby

Two years later, and I’ve realized that I strongly associate owls with Ella. If I’m picking out a stuffed animal for her (like I did last time I took a trip without her), the owl seems the obvious choice. Books that feature owls are much more likely to get checked out at the library. When we’re naming animals or making animal sounds, owls are always on the list.

Somehow, that first Halloween costume linked Ella forever in my mind with those big birds!

Makes me pretty glad, actually, that we didn’t dress her as a spider that year. I’d hate to be reminded of my darling child every time I squish one that’s ventured into my home.

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