The ABC’s of Fern: 26 Little Things

Lately I’ve been working on introducing Fern to the alphabet. I like to point out letters when we see them and tell her what they are, and she’s already quite familiar with the ABC song and will hum the tune herself. Because of this, I thought it would be fun to put together a little alphabet book for her to look through, with letters and pictures that were based on things she knows, loves and other fun little things about her. I haven’t yet put the book together, but I wanted to share the “Fern Alphabet” that I came up with! Here are the ABCs of Fern: 26 Little Things…

  • The ABC's of Fern: 26 Little Things

    The ABC's of Fern: 26 Little Things

    From A-Z, here are 26 little things that Fern knows, loves and does.

  • A is for Airplane

    A is for Airplane

    …These she loves to hate. They take her to fun places, but she doesn’t like the wait.

  • B is for Bath Time

    B is for Bath Time

    …Her favorite time of day.

  • C is for Curls

    C is for Curls

    …Because they are so sweet. I hope they stay forever.

  • D is for Dollhouse

    D is for Dollhouse

    …That she tries to climb upon. I attempted to explain why she couldn’t climb the tiny stairs, but it only made her angry.

  • E is for Elephant

    E is for Elephant

    …An animal that Fern knows and loves. She is even fonder of ones like this that can spray her with water.

  • F is for Fern

    F is for Fern

    …Perched adorably in the bed of her Unc’s Ford truck.

  • G is for Grandpa

    G is for Grandpa

    …Whom she adores. His name (“grandpa”) was one of her very first words.

  • H is for Hug

    H is for Hug

    …Which our dog gets frequently, because Fern can’t resist a cozy snuggle.

  • I is for Ice Cream

    I is for Ice Cream

    …Actually frozen yogurt, but she loves it all the same.

  • J is for Jewelry

    J is for Jewelry

    …And Fern is quite the fan…Donning Mommy’s costume jewels and sharing with her furry friend.

  • K is for Kitty

    K is for Kitty

    …The cutest one I ever did see.

  • L is for Love

    L is for Love

    …That this girl has for her Daddy and their sweet time swinging and watching chickens in our backyard.

  • M is for Minnie

    M is for Minnie

    …With whom Fern is obsessed. Ever since their first meeting at Disneyland she’s been all in for Minnie – every coloring book, doll, or shirt she sees thrills her little heart.

  • N is for Nail Polish

    N is for Nail Polish

    …On tiny, little toes.

  • O is for Ocean

    O is for Ocean

    …In which she loves to splish and splash.

  • P is for Pajamas

    P is for Pajamas

    …The sign that day is done.

  • Q is for Quirky

    Q is for Quirky

    …And this girl definitely is. Her collections of odds and ends never cease to bring me smiles.

  • R is for Rocking chair

    R is for Rocking chair

    …Where Fern rocks herself and her babies.

  • S is for Shoulder Ride

    S is for Shoulder Ride

    …And her Daddy’s are the best.

  • T is for Teepee

    T is for Teepee

    …Where Fern sleeps each night.

  • U is for Umbrella

    U is for Umbrella

    …That shields us from the Oregon rain.

  • V is for Very Busy

    V is for Very Busy

    …Because she really never stops moving.

  • W is for Water

    W is for Water

    …And with it she’s obsessed – she’d play in it every day if she could.

  • X is for Explore

    X is for Explore

    …She never seems to stop. Hunting treasures and figuring out the world are her activities of choice.

  • Y is for YouTube

    Y is for YouTube

    …Our afternoon ritual where we watch a few clips and have a post-nap snack.

  • Z is for Puzzles

    Z is for Puzzles

    …The animal ones are her favorites.

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