The 6 New Caldecott Books

Are you familiar with the Caldecott award? It’s an annual award given every year (this was the 75th year!) to the best picture books for children. It’s awarded by the American Librarian Association and the list of books that have that shiny gold sticker is full of treasures. You probably know many of them, like Make Way for Ducklings or The Polar Express.


In addition to the winner, there are honor books – they get a silver sticker – and the number varies from year to year. This year, there were five honor books making a total of six honorees.

As a former children’s librarian, you can imagine that I watch with great excitement each January to find out what books have been chosen. And I was delighted to see that the six books this year were all very accessible to toddlers. Some years, the books are pretty dense and WAY beyond what a one or two year old could sit through (like when the 500+ page The Invention of Hugo Cabret was the winner in 2008).

Here are the 2013 winners, perfect for sharing with your little one:

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