The 12 Things I Missed Most About My Baby

It’s true, I just left the kids behind for 5 days to enjoy a company-sponsored trip with my husband. If they hadn’t dangled that pina colada, I might not have taken the plunge, but as I wrote earlier this week, I think it was actually a really good break for all of us. When I came back, I couldn’t help but fall in love with my kids all over again. Here were the things I quickly realized I’d missed desperately about my baby girl while I was away.

  • #1: She's a Kissing Bandit

    #1: She's a Kissing Bandit

    This girl is a love. She kisses all kinds of things, but she saves her best ones for her dolls, stuffed animals, and big brothers.

  • #2: Her Moves

    #2: Her Moves

    Whether it’s the latest Radio Disney hit or someone hammering nextdoor, this girl feels the beat and can’t stop dancing. Her enthusiasm is hilarious and contagious.

  • #3: How Everything is a Song

    #3: How Everything is a Song

    Our first morning home we woke up to a happy girl singing for a good 30 minutes in her crib. It was the sweetest sound and it continued all the way through bath time that night.

  • #4: Her Tutu Obsession

    #4: Her Tutu Obsession

    As far as she’s concerned, you can’t own — or wear — too many tutus. While we were away, she learned to put them on by herself, so we never know what we’ll find her wearing. Except for tutus, of course.

  • #5: She's My Little Helper

    #5: She's My Little Helper

    If she sees me cleaning, she’s eager to help. This is a new one in our house … apparently having a 3rd kid paid off!

  • #6: She's a Daddy's Girl

    #6: She's a Daddy's Girl

    There’s nothing that gets her more excited than hearing her dad walk through the door at the end of the day. I love seeing both of them light up at the sight of each other.

  • #7: Her Sense of Fashion

    #7: Her Sense of Fashion

    From the moment I say, “Let’s get dressed,” she’s on. From her pigtails to her shoes, she’s very opinionated — and, well, creative.

  • #8: Her Self Portraits

    #8: Her Self Portraits

    While I keep my iPhone locked, she’s figured out how to take photos and videos anyway. (When I hear, “Cheese!” in the other room, I know exactly what’s going on.) I love looking through my phone and seeing the world from her perspective.

  • #9: Her Spontaneous

    #9: Her Spontaneous "Huggies"

    Every now and then, she’ll run over to someone with her arms wide open and shout, “Huggies!” We should all do that more often…

  • #10: Her Diverse Interests

    #10: Her Diverse Interests

    Who says you can’t play t-ball with a fancy dress instead of a bat? Not this girl.

  • #11: Her Chanting

    #11: Her Chanting

    From donuts to song requests, when this enthusiastic girl wants something, she starts chanting. “Do-nuts, do-nuts!” How can you say no to that? (Or donuts, for that matter?)

  • #12: My Sleeping Beauty

    #12: My Sleeping Beauty

    While her playful personality charms me all day, I love looking at her sweet baby face when she sleeps. (Oh, and did I mention her tutu obsession?)

What are some of your favorite things about your baby at this very moment in time?

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