Thank You Baby: Reasons to Be Thankful for Babies This Thanksgiving

This coming Thursday, the majority of households in America will be giving thanks and celebrating Thanksgiving. Sometimes it’s hard to remember all that we have to be thankful for – our lives are busy and often times stressful. But, on Thanksgiving Day, we take a moment to step back and be grateful for all we truly do have, including our families. Babies are probably one of the best ways to be reminded about the simplicity in life and all that is good. I asked a few parents to share with me why this Thanksgiving they’ll be giving thanks for the babies in their lives. Here’s what they had to say.

Thank You Baby: Reasons to Be Thankful for Babies This Thanksgiving

  • They Bring Joy to Your Day

    They Bring Joy to Your Day

    “No matter how hard your day has been, your baby can always make your day better.” Alba Garza, Independent Mami
    Source: Ibrahim Iujaz/Flickr

  • They Incite Humor

    They Incite Humor

    “Because if I look like a tired, stain-wearing mess, I can blame it on my baby and tell everyone that spit up is the new black.” Unknown Mami
    Source: Jay Ryness/Flickr

  • They are Pure Love

    They are Pure Love

    “I am thankful for babies always because they remind us that miracles and the purest of loves exist.” Jeannette Kaplun, Hispana Global
    Source: gabi menashe/Flickr

  • Their Laughter is Infectious

    Their Laughter is Infectious

    “I am thankful for a baby’s laughter. Their giggles give us a peek into their tiny world and is so infectious. The things that amuse babies also helps us put things in perspective. We all need to laugh like a child from time to time.” Eva Smith, Tech Food Life
    Source: D Sharon Pruitt

  • They Teach Us Unconditional Love

    They Teach Us Unconditional Love

    “I am thankful for my baby because he truly makes me appreciate the little things in life. And I am thankful that he has taught me the meaning of true unconditional love.” Lisa Quinones Fontanez, Autism Wonderland
    Source: Nana B Agyei/Flickr

  • They Let Us Know Everything is Ok

    They Let Us Know Everything is Ok

    “Babies make me realize how little our problems really are. I am thankful because they let us know everything is ok in life just by looking at them.” Dariela Cruz, Mami Talks
    Source: Zitona/Flickr

  • They Make Each Day a Holiday!

    They Make Each Day a Holiday!

    “We are thankful for our baby because her energy, enthusiasm and pure joy when we lift her out of her crib each morning makes every single day feel like a holiday!” Jessica McFadden, A Parent in America
    Source: peasap/Flickr

  • They Go All In

    They Go All In

    “I am thankful for my baby because she reminds me what unconditional love, pure joy, and raucous laughter look and sound like. I’m also thankful that she has no inhibitions. It sometimes means she picks her nose and her butt in public, but more often than not, means that she’s all in whatever she does.” Tara Ziegmont,
    Source: Bob White/Flickr

  • They are Delicious!

    They are Delicious!

    “Thankful for babies because they are fun to “nibble” on.” Lisa Samples, Life with Lisa
    Source: Guiri R. Reyes/Flickr

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