Ten Things That Make Me Feel Like a Good Mom

For every mom, it’s going to be different, but I think most parents have things that, when they do them, make them feel like a really good parent. The kinds of things you hold on to when you have to say no to a game in favor of bedtime or when your baby is fussing in the carseat and you can’t do anything about it.

Here are ten things that make me feel like a good mother:

  1. Having a healthy dinner as a family, with enough time before bed that we don’t have to rush through our eating, but can sit around together visiting and enjoying each other and our food.
  2. Reading books in bed together in the morning. I love a day when we have nothing going on and we can stay in our pajamas for an extra thirty minutes snuggling in my bed with a big pile of books.
  3. Taking walks together. We live near a gorgeous walking trail that goes over a river, next to a dog park, and past gorgeous trees. Any day we can get outside and Ella can run along the path, get some fresh air, and burn some energy is a day I feel like a great mom.
  4. Letting her cook with me and not worrying about how long it takes or if it makes a bit (or a lot) of a mess.
  5. Giving us enough time when we’re going somewhere that I don’t have to rush her along. She likes the time to be able to walk
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