Telling My First Story Using the Disney Story App

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Today there is a brand new app being released that is perfect for telling and sharing the little stories that happen every day in our lives. It’s called Story, and I’ve been playing with it for a little over a week now. With simple taps on my iPhone screen, I’ve been able to put photos from my phone together to tell about the moments in our days and the progress in our lives.  The means I’ve been using to do that before Story are good, but this does a little bit extra, making it look like a little book that I can share with friends and family via email or post to Facebook.


Right now, my favorite progress to document is the growth of Elvie’s hair, and that is what I decided to do first with Story. It’s such a silly little thing, I know, but I adore how it started out a perfect little mohawk and has grown into a wild tangle with a mind of its own. I’ve written about it here on the Disney Baby blog before, but now I’ve been able to put it together into a story, complete with captions. I hope you enjoy, and that you give Story a try for yourself.

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