Stylish Maternity Outfit Inspiration

When I was first pregnant with Beck I was convinced I would be super stylish but then I realized that if you don’t make too much of a fashion effort when you’re not pregnant, there’s no way you’re going to change your ways when your carrying around a bowling ball in your belly. That’s why I’m in awe when I come across blogs that showcase stylish maternity inspiration like What Helen Wore Today. Helen started the blog before she was pregnant but continued in her fashionable ways when she was expecting and shared regular photos of her stylish looks. She even wore sequin pants! Here are some of the photos she posted that will have you inspired when dressing for two.

  • Chic Layering

    Chic Layering

    I think a lot of pregnant women are afraid to layer thinking it will make them look bigger than they already feel, but Helen does it in a way that’s chic, not bulky. I like how she threw in the sequins too.

  • Accessorize


    A fairly simple outfit, black top and jeans, are made into a great outfit with the addition of great shoes and a red hat and bag. Accessories can be worn after the pregnancy too!

  • Sequin Pants

    Sequin Pants

    Yes, Helen is so brave she even rocked sequin pants when she was pregnant. They look amazing, no?

  • Classic


    You can’t go wrong with dark washed jeans, a white tee and flats. Even when you’re pregnant the look is classic.

  • Details


    Helen makes sure not to forget about the little details that take an outfit up a notch. She wears the oversized pom hat well.

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