Sporting the Mom Blinders

I’m ashamed to admit that before my son was born I was a little nervous that he wouldn’t be a cute baby. Those darn 3-D ultrasounds screw with your head! When I admitted this fear to mom friends they said, “You’ll think he’s cute no matter what. You’re his mom.” I fought back saying that I would be able to admit if he wasn’t that cute but the second he entered the world, the mom blinders I was a sporting.

newborn photos

In fact, one of the first things I uttered after he was born was, “I can’t believe I ever thought you might not be cute!” And the mom blinders get stronger everyday. I’m almost to the point where I might tell my husband we need to look into baby modeling gigs. Just kidding, I know nobody will ever think he’s cute as I do. It’s good to be a mom.

image: Sugar Photography

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