15 Spanish Baby Names Inspired by La Primavera (Spring)

Spring, or la primavera as it’s called in Spanish, will be here in just a few short weeks. With March underway and the promise of beautiful spring weather coming soon, there’s a lot of inspiration in the air for some really cute baby names. Let’s not forget that Easter is also around the corner and often synonymous with the beginning of spring – providing even more inspiration for baby names! If you’re looking for baby names in Spanish (whether to honor your Latino heritage or to have a unique name for your baby), then consider these Spring inspired Spanish baby names!

Baby Wearing PurpleSource: Peter Dutton/Flickr

15 Spanish Baby Names Inspired by La Primavera (Spring)

  1. Flor
  2. Rosa
  3. Blanca
  4. Amapola
  5. Violeta
  6. Marisol
  7. Solimar
  8. Iris
  9. Amarilis
  10. Girasol
  11. Lila
  12. Margarita
  13. Luz
  14. Jacinto
  15. Rio

Which of these Spanish baby names inspired by spring is your favorite?

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