Baby Name Predictions for Latino Parents in 2013

Baby names can be a lot of fun! It’s interesting to see the vast amount of baby names out there, and think about how parents choose their baby’s name. If you’re thinking ahead about the name you’ll choose for your baby, consider these predictions for 2013 baby names in the Latino community. Will your baby’s name follow the trend?

Newborn BabySource: peasap/Flickr

3 Baby Name Predictions for Latino Parents in 2013 


1. Rise of Jenni as a Baby Girl Name

BabyCenter predicts the name Jenni (Jenny or Janney) will be a popular name for Hispanic baby girls in 2013. This prediction is due to the belief that many Latino parents will honor the recently deceased Mexican-American singer, Jenni Rivera.

2. Supermodel Names for Babies

According to BabyCenter, Brazilian supermodel names have become popular the last few years. With several supermodels having babies last year, they predict their babies’ names will also rise in popularity for 2013. Expect names like Noah, Sienna, and Vivian to make next year’s list of popular baby names.

3. Shift in Spanish Compound Names for Baby Boys

For 2013, BabyCenter predicts that Luis will replace Juan as most-used in compound names for baby boys. Favorite names such as Juan Ignacio and Juan Esteban are losing popularity to names like Luis Alejandro, Luis Ángel, and Luis Eduardo.

Do you agree with these predictions for 2013 baby names?

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