Sometimes You Just Need a Nap

When you have a newborn baby, people are constantly telling you, “Make sure you sleep when the baby sleeps!” In theory, this is good advice. Having a new baby is exhausting and sleep is like gold (well, breast milk is like gold too, but that’s another story), but what if you can’t nap?

Napping Mommy and Baby


I am a notoriously bad napper. I’m actually just bad at sleeping in general. I usually end up staying up way later than I ever should, puttering around, and there are many nights when I lie awake in bed playing on my phone instead of going to sleep (it’s kind of ridiculous, I know). In addition to just being an overall bad nap-taker, I had a hard time looking around at the little messes and general chaos in our living space once Fern was asleep, so usually without fail, her naps have been spent cleaning and undoing the damage of the day.

But, the other day, I went in to lay by her at nap time…for “just a minute” and woke up three hours later to my husband coming home from work.  Apparently I was a teensy bit overtired. Sometimes you (and your baby!) just need a nap and that’s ok. The messes will still be there for you to clean when you wake up. Never underestimate the power of a good nap; the whole world looks better after a good bit of sleep!

Do you nap when your baby naps? How do you utilize nap time?


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