Something I Wish Strangers Wouldn’t Say to Me

I found out at 19 weeks that I was having a second girl.

I was absolutely thrilled; we’ve loved having a little girl and the idea of having another one delighted both my husband and me. Neither of us felt a moment’s regret that we weren’t having a boy.

A Baby Girl

Since then, we’ve been asked on many occasions if we knew what we were having. And when we’d reply that we were having a second girl, many people have said things like, “Oh, well, I guess that could be fun too” or “I suppose you’ll just have to try again for a boy.”

I usually try and say something polite like, “We’ve loved having one daughter, so two will probably be great too” or “I have two sisters just younger than me, and I’m glad my daughters will get to have sisters too.”

But inwardly, I’m surprised by the number of people who’ve made such comments. Is it that common to be disappointed if your second child is the same sex as your first baby? And, even if I were disappointed to be having another girl, those remarks would probably make me feel even more sad about having a second girl.

How would you respond to comments like this?

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