Sleeping for the First Time in 10 Years

In the last few weeks we have had the magical, MAGICAL milestone of night weaning happen with my baby girl. As the youngest of 4 kids, she is doing me a solid by being the earliest to reach this milestone.

smiling baby girl

Each of her brothers took very (very) long to learn how to sleep through the night. In fact, my oldest (who turns 10 in just over a month) still wakes often at night. He’s just not a fan of sleeping, apparently (for the record, I am a big fan of sleeping).

My second child was still getting up at night until around age 5 or 6. My third child was up at night until well into age three, and didn’t really stop getting up until I was into the pregnancy phase with the next baby, where you’re waking up at night and no longer getting good sleep.

There was a time when all three were getting up at night at all different times. My husband and I call this the Dark Ages – as in, we’ve blocked it out. Oh my word that was rough. Let’s not speak of it again.

So, if you add all this up, I haven’t had a straight night’s sleep in 10 years.

Friends? I’ve slept straight through the night for a week. A WEEK.

I honestly feel like a new woman. I feel the blues much more few and far between. I feel energetic. I FEEL HUMAN.


Even if I’d have a few nights away from the kids for business travel, my body still woke when the kids would wake (it was always at the same times each night) like I had an internal alarm clock. I tried all the tricks and tips to help the kids sleep through the night, every single thing you’ve heard. All the parenting sleep camps were visited. Everything. I seriously thought children didn’t exist that slept all night long without getting up and needing a parent for some reason or another, since I had never experienced it.

But now? Baby girl? She is sleeping through the night before 10-months-old. She wins ALL the prizes!

I’m throwing a party to celebrate. You’re all invited. We’ll have a cake that says “Welcome to Sanity!”

Have you experienced a full night’s sleep yet with your babies?


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