The Not-So-Smart Side of Babies: A Look at Baby’s Silly Decisions

It’s not uncommon to hear parents boast about their babies and proudly announce how smart they are. From walking, talking, and eventually, learning their ABC’s, parents love every moment and claim each as proof their baby is a genius. But, let’s face it, sometimes babies have downright not-so-smart moments.

Toddler Falling DownSource: D Sharon Pruitt/Flickr


Now, I’m not saying my babies (or any baby) are not smart. I am simply talking about those silly baby moments that make you wonder what in the world baby was thinking. Silly decisions babies make can often have you scratching your head and questioning how such an otherwise smart baby could have possibly thought it was a good idea.

As an example: my now 23-month-old baby boy learned to walk before he was 11-months old. He was a pretty good walker and could even run a bit without tripping over much and falling. However, this was the same baby that would purposely slam himself into the couch (or your legs) because he thought it was funny. Obviously, this was a not-so-smart choice, since he could get hurt. Regardless, my baby thought it was hilarious.

I think it’s safe to say we all have not-so-smart moments – moments when we make silly choices, if you will. Babies are not excluded from this phenomenon. I’m sure you’ve observed this behavior with your own baby. What not-so-smart ideas has your baby shown?

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