The Wild & Wacky Faces of My Babies

Tomorrow my boy Wyndham turns 3 years old. I’m planning a serious Hot Wheels and Fort themed birthday party for the weekend, cake with family tomorrow night…all while wading through feelings of pride, joy and this slight melancholy ache.

He’s officially turning into a little boy, talking in full sentences, making (clever) jokes and tackling the potty. I’ve found myself day-dreaming of he and his sister’s newborn weeks and baby stages. All of the silly faces made, all of the milestones achieved. My babies might be growing up, but these pictures? I’ll always have them to enjoy.

Here are 24 guaranteed to make you smile too…

  • The Silly Faces That Babies Make...

    The Silly Faces That Babies Make...

    Specifically mine. For an adorable chuckle, click through this collection of my babies during their first 18 months.

  • When She Was Wee

    When She Was Wee

    This is me having some fun copying the faces my daughter Abby was making when she was but a few weeks old.

  • Playing Peek-a-Boo

    Playing Peek-a-Boo

    You’d never know it from this picture, as you can see she takes the peek-a-boo business quite seriously.

  • The Look of Intense Anticipation

    The Look of Intense Anticipation

    This picture was taken last summer while we were waiting in line to get on a train ride at a small amusement park. Clearly, she was excited.

  • The Face Reveals It All

    The Face Reveals It All

    My little guy when he was 17 months, giving something on the beach the serious stink-eye.

  • Silly Smiles

    Silly Smiles

    Such a little ham she is, giving the lens some love.

  • Oh, the CUTE!

    Oh, the CUTE!

    Is there anything better than knit animal hats on babies (and children)? Nope, didn’t think so.

  • Attack of The Baby Reindeer

    Attack of The Baby Reindeer

    Poor, unfortunate Sophie met her demise many a time with Abby.

  • Perplexed


    Looking a little more than confused here, a baby’s first year is such a great time to have some fun with the camera!

  • Giving Me What For

    Giving Me What For

    Hand on hip and all!

  • Dazed


    This one could be due to the lens being so close, but I’ll take it – so cute!

  • Looking a Little Mischevious

    Looking a Little Mischevious

    Abby at 8 months, showing signs of the little diva she would make out to be.

  • All Scrunched Up

    All Scrunched Up

    Absolute perfection right here. THIS FACE. NOM.

  • Dapper & Inquisitive

    Dapper & Inquisitive

    One of my favourite things to do when my babies were smaller was to go for long, exploratory walks with them and let them take in and discover everything around them.

  • More Stink Eye

    More Stink Eye

    Wyndham has always been the best at going rogue with his looks. To. This. Day.

  • Face SQUISH!

    Face SQUISH!

    If we can’t squish our maleable babies’ faces, what do we have then?!?!

  • Caught Singing

    Caught Singing

    And blabbering, and yammering and drooling. All very excited about his very first beach trip.

  • Blowing Bubbles

    Blowing Bubbles

    Why is that babies are so fascinated with blowing spit bubbles?

  • Seriously Quizzical

    Seriously Quizzical

    Really giving me some attitude here. Hard to take serious, right?

  • Hot Potato

    Hot Potato

    Clearly done with passed around, wanting to get back to eating grass and rolling around in the dirt (taken at Wyndham’s first Folk Festival).

  • Pool Time Antics...

    Pool Time Antics...

    are always best had in the backyard with mamma’s feet tickling your belly.

  • Looking Stealthy

    Looking Stealthy

    But probably just wondering when they can get back into the pool! Or what the big black thing is in their face.

  • First Dip

    First Dip

    This is the look of a baby being dunked in a pool for their very first time.

  • Glazed


    Us mammas are SO weird.

  • YUCK!


    Peas mamma? Really?! GROSS.

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