Signs That A New Baby Lives Here

My baby is now three weeks old, and if you came to our house, you’d definitely know we have a new, tiny occupant.

Here are a few of the things that would give it away:

  • The baby bouncer is always in whatever room we’re currently hanging out in
  • My toddler keeps asking me to burp her
  • Breast pump parts are usually drying on the kitchen counter
  • Stacks of burp cloths in every room (my husband is a little bit obsessive about never being without them)
  • My bedside table has a big pile of reading material for nighttime feedings
  • A new Netflix subscription because we’re spending every night at home
  • Always-full laundry baskets (how do babies manage to go through four times as many clothing items as adults?)

What in your house would give away the presence of a baby?

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