Sharing the Magic With You

As small children we all believe in magic. Our eyes grow wide as the unimaginable happens before them. We learn that anything is possible if we just believe. And then life happens, we grow up, and some of us stop believing. Our eyes, once wide, filled with hope and sparkle grow dim and we forget that miracles happen and dreams do come true, even when things don’t appear to be in our favor. Our challenges and disappointments cause us to stop wishing and we sit as bystanders in our own lives waiting to see what’s next — until something happens. A moment, an occurrence, a life changing event that brings the sparkle back to our eyes. Suddenly the magic that was once the substance of our childhood dreams is back. Suddenly we believe again.

Krishann's Family Photo

For me the magic returned to my eyes mid-morning on a September day. It was the moment my eyes met those of my first born. My first true love. In her eyes I found strength, courage, and the will to fight for my future. Our future.

And then one day I met my Prince Charming. Not quite as charming as Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid perhaps but something amazing happened when I looked into his eyes for the first time. A magical feeling emerged. Different than the love I felt for my child and unlike anything I ever felt before. From the moment I saw him I knew that I was meant to love him.

The two of them were the very essence of my childhood wishes. More than anything I wanted to “grow up and have a family.” Our story unfolded filled with its share of challenges (something that even happens in fairy tales as characters often have to overcome something before getting to their happily ever after) but it was also filled with great love. I have witnessed firsthand that prayers and dreams do come true.


Years later I would have another magical moment as I stood watching my husband and my daughter — our daughter — exchange vows right before he and I did. The three of us soon thereafter walking down the aisle on our continued journey to forever and always. And just when it seemed we had experienced the most magical moments life had to offer a couple years later the three of us sat in an ER room on my birthday with our eyes fixated on an ultrasound screen. We were amazed and so thankful for the little heart we watched beating, the little body we saw wiggling. The precious being that would fill our lives with magic, our home with excitement, and our hearts with love was ok and would be here come August.

My life hasn’t always been easy but the past few years have been filled with more love than I would have ever imagined. The past couple years have presented me with opportunities that started with a dream or as the beloved Disney classic goes “A wish your heart makes,” made possible with hard work, faith, and an ability to keep believing.

And so here I am at Disney Baby and so very excited. In fact we all are — so much so that we decided to put on our mouse ears and say cheese!

Krishann and Daughters wearing Minnie ears

I am grateful for the opportunity to relive magical moments in the life of my family — particularly those of our baby, as childhood is filled with so many of them. For us magic is more than just hocus pocus and the waving of a wand — it’s those moments, milestones, and everyday occurrences that make your heart smile, something you don’t read about in biology text books and yet seemingly universal amongst us mamas.

By the way my name is Krishann. My husband’s name is Chris. Our Little Miss Jalayla is 8 and our Littlest Miss Lola is 7 months. We also have a furry baby named Stella, she’s 3. I can’t wait to share more with you here and hopefully get to know you and your little loves in the process. Being someone’s mommy and helping that someone through life is a true gift. It’s also an opportunity to experience a little magic each and every day and if anyone knows about magic it’s Disney.

So lovely to meet you.



P.S. If you’ve experienced a little magic in your own life in the form of a sweet baby I’d love to hear about it.

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