Share Baby’s First Moments with Instagram

Since we all started going digital with our photos, it’s become harder to share them with people in the same room. I often find myself pining for the days when you could hand someone a physical photo album. And with a newborn, opportunities to show off all of your Instagram shots become more and more frequent. Here are the best options I’ve found for getting Instagram photos off your phone and into the hands of family and friends.

  • Postagram


    I’ll start off with one of my favorites, Postagram. Take a picture with Instagram, plug it into the Postagram app, and they send a postcard to family and friends with your picture and message. It’s simple, cheap, and the finished product looks amazing.

  • Prinstagram Minibook

    Prinstagram Minibook

    These hardy little books are a great keepsake. The small size but big photo count (fifty per book) makes them ideal for showing of all your favorite shots of your baby. The cheap factor makes this service hard to ignore – each $12 order from the Prinstagram website gets you two books.

  • Prinstagram TInybook

    Prinstagram TInybook

    Twenty four photos in one magnetized book. Oh, also the books are only an inch and a half tall each! I can’t think of a cooler way to show off a set of photos than with the Prinstagram TInybook. As usual, the buyer wins: three Tinybooks for ten bucks.

  • Prinstagram Miniprints

    Prinstagram Miniprints

    Ah, printing lo-fi photos in the old familiar format we’re all used to feels good. I know I know, there’s been a lot of Prinstagram on this list, but deciding between these awesome print options is tough! As before, the quality and pricing are great: Prinstagram Miniprints can be ordered in packs of 48 prints for just $12.

  • StickyGram


    There’s an instagram service for just about any kind of printing you could want. What set StickyGram apart is the ability to create collages. The layout they’ve imposed on the sets of nine shots really complements the warm, grainy look of instagram. Stick pictures of your little one on all of your house’s magnet-loving surfaces—except your laptop.

  • Ceramic Tiles by ImageSnap

    Ceramic Tiles by ImageSnap

    These guys give you lots of choices for sizes and then print your photo on a ceramic tile. What really won me over to this print service is the texture of ceramic. It just makes sense to me that the grainy lofi of instagram belongs on ceramic. ImageSnap Ceramic Tiles are available in sizes ranging anywhere from 2’’x 2’’ to 12’’x 12’’.

  • Photo Books by Keepsy

    Photo Books by Keepsy

    These are always lots of fun. For the times when pictures of your baby aren’t enough and you want to tell their story, you’ve got an answer with Keepsy. These guys include everything from page color to photo layout to labels and messages.

  • InstaShirt


    Cute enough to wear? Definitely. InstaShirt is pretty self explanatory: they take your pictures and put them on a shirt. There’s some fun stuff you can do with layout and messages, but the whole service is fairly standard.

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