Sensory Baby: 4 Simple Projects for 1 Year-Olds

Without question, babies love to explore, play, and create. It is so important to let them experience using all of their senses, even when they are babes. Activities that involve funky textures, tastes, and sounds help them develop their creativity and their critical thinking skills. As a parent, we should help our children stimulate their senses with fun, imaginative, and sometimes, messy play! Here are 4 simple projects I did with my daughter, Adair. With parental supervision and common sense, have fun with your teeny tiny love!

  • Imagine, Create, Get Messy, & PLAY!

    Imagine, Create, Get Messy, & PLAY!

    Click through for instructions to 4 simple sensory projects for babes…

  • Rainbow Rice

    Supplies Needed: White rice, food coloring, rubbing alcohol, ziploc bags, and a plastic bin!

    Click for the full tutorial

  • Here's How:

    Here's How:

    Divide rice equally and put in plastic bags. Add 8-10 drops of food coloring and 1 tsp of alcohol to eat bag. Seal and shake until all rice is colored. Pour onto baking sheets and let dry for 24 hours.

  • Time to explore!

    Time to explore!

    When the rice is dry, pour it into a plastic bin. Add a few trinkets – toys, scoops, etc. Let your little one go to town as they dig and pour and search for treasure!

  • Water Beads

    Water Beads

    Water beads are great for sensory play. You can find them in the floral section at most craft stores.

  • Funky Textures!

    There are tons of ways to enjoy water beads. My daughter loves to feel the beads trickle through her fingers as she plays with them in a bowl.

    Click here for the full tutorial!

  • No-Mess Painting

    No-Mess Painting

    This one is a winner! Let your little one enjoy painting without a big mess…

  • So much fun!

    Place 3-4 oz. of paint in a ziploc bag. Seal the bag shut, then place on a hard surface. Works well on a table, door, or even on the side of the fridge! Your babe can use their fingers to “paint” without making a mess!

    Click here for the full tutorial...

  • Cool Whip Painting

    Cool Whip Painting

    This is such a fun project! (And it tastes good, too!) Divide cool whip into equal parts. I used a muffin tin to make it easy. Add a few drops of food coloring to each part, and stir until mixed…

  • Create a tasty masterpiece!

    Line a table (or a box) with waxed paper. Use your fingers or a paintbrush to create your beautiful design! Your little one will love this one, I promise!

    Click here for the full tutorial...

What about you? What sensory activity does your little one enjoy most?

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