Santa Around The World

Santa has a lot of traveling coming up, visiting all the world’s countries in one night is no easy task. It’s so fun to celebrate with so many people across the globe and get into the spirit of love, family, and maybe a bit of magic. Here’s some info about Santa’s trek around the globe for you to share with your kids and even track Santa as he visits all the children of the world…

santa claus ornament

According to NORAD Tracks Santa, Santa starts his trek in the South Pacific then heads to New Zealand and Australia.

After that he heads north to Japan (where the children call him, “Hoteiosho” which means “gift-bearer”) and then West to China. In China the kids know him as “Dun Che Lao Ren”. He breezes through Russia (where the kids know him as “Ded Moroz” which means “Grandfather Frost”) and then heads down to Africa.

After that he travels around Europe. In France they call him “Pere Noel”. In Italy he’s called “Babbo Natale”. And kids in the UK can formally refer to him as “Father Christmas”. In Germany they call him “Weihnachtsmann” (which means “Christmas Man”) and in Finland he hears the kids call to him as “Joulupukki”.

After that Santa flies across the Atlantic Ocean to Canada and The United States where we all know him as Santa Claus. He heads south through Latin America and Mexico to South America. Down there the Brazilians call him “Papai Noel” and kids in Chile call him “Viejo Pascuero” which means “Old Man Christmas”.

If you want to track Santa with your kids this holiday season, NORAD keeps track of him and shares it via this website! You and your kids can follow along live on Christmas Eve, but be warned, NORAD advises that Santa’s route can change and that he tends to only come to homes once the kids are asleep. ;)

Santas route info via NORAD
names of Santa in other cultures via Factmonster

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