Mom-Tested Relief for Morning Sickness

Morning sickness. While that’s all it is to many, some of us know better. It can last all day — even all pregnancy — and be really hard to manage. As we’ve seen quite publicly with Kate Middleton, it can even be a serious health risk. So please be sure you’re monitoring yours closely and working with your doctor to do what’s best for your personal circumstances. (In my case, I needed my doctor’s help as well.)

But hopefully there are some helpful ideas in this round up that provided relief for my friends and me along the way.

  • Eat, Eat, Eat

    Eat, Eat, Eat

    Even if you think you can’t. Melissa, of Musings of a Writer Mom, said that while some of the go-to remedies others relied on provided occasional relief, what really helped was ensuring her stomach was never empty. Even if she got sick, it was better to have food in her stomach, otherwise she’d end up dehydrated and needing IV fluids.

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  • A Versatile Cure

    A Versatile Cure

    Kimberly, of Tippy Toes and Tantrums, carried lemons around with her to smell (vigorously!) whenever she felt sick. 32 weeks of nausea = a whole lotta lemons. In my case, lemon drops were a must. And Nicole was a big fan of lemonade.

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  • Go Bubbly

    Go Bubbly

    Not *that* kind of bubbly, of course. For some reason, the bubbles in carbonated water seemed to confuse my one-way digestive system.

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  • The Good ... and the Bad

    The Good ... and the Bad

    Amy, of Trembling Ovaries, said that A LOT of low-sodium V8 juice and saltines were a “yes” for her. But a big no-no: water on an empty stomach!

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  • Sweet Nutrients

    Sweet Nutrients

    I’ll admit I was nervous that I wasn’t getting enough of the good stuff to my growing baby — especially when all I wanted was sweet stuff. Bellybar snack bars are made especially for expectant moms and, somehow, easy for me to stomach.

    To check them out, click here.

  • An Apple (or 5) a Day

    An Apple (or 5) a Day

    Robyn, of Silicon Valley Mamas, ate loads of apples during her 22 weeks of morning sickness. She bought organic, pre-sliced apples for convenience.

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  • Butter Please

    Butter Please

    Jennifer stocked up on mint tea and baked potatoes with lots of butter. Yum.

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  • All Things Ginger

    All Things Ginger

    Ginger snaps, ginger ale, ginger tea, and, according to my friend Emily, Ginger Altoids.

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  • Time to Pop

    Time to Pop

    Jenna-lee found that Preggie Pops helped her a ton. (Can’t hurt to try a regular old lollipop or hard candy if you don’t want to go for the specialty kind.)

    To check them out, click here.

  • Convenience Counts

    Convenience Counts

    Melissa swore by Slurpees because they were easy to drink fast, and (sometimes) they even stayed down.

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  • Accessorize


    The first time around, I wore motion sickness bracelets everywhere. Luckily it was mostly long-sleeve weather while I was trying to keep my secret. Though now there are fashionable options out there like Psi Bands.

    To check them out, click here.

What worked for you?

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