Revisiting the Non-Essentials We Bought Anyhow

Before our third baby was born, I made a list of baby items that I wanted to indulge in.  Baby items that I had always wanted or knew were not entirely necessary, but this being our last baby, I wanted to test out and buy anyhow.  The non-essential baby items if you will.  Well our baby just turned 2 months old so I thought it would be fun to take a look at those 5 items and determine if they were worth the indulgence or not. 

  • Fancy Bottle Drying Rack

    Fancy Bottle Drying Rack

    I love this nonessential splurge purchase! Initially I thought it may a bit silly because I primarily breastfeed and only give a bottle once a day, but I forgot about my pumping supplies! The rack holds both bottle and pump parts beautifully, and looks good too, which is great since it stays out on the counter at all times. I would buy this again in a heartbeat!

  • Luxurious Baby Blanket

    Luxurious Baby Blanket

    I may be imagining it, but I could have sworn Hayden smiled the other day when I wrapped him in his super soft and luxe baby blanket! I love this nonessential gift item, and know this will eventually be Hayden’s lovie that he asks to sleep with every night. It’s super soft and extra cuddly and warm, so there’s really nothing to not love about this splurge!

  • Bathtub Toy Scoop

    Bathtub Toy Scoop

    So this is the one item that has quite honestly been the biggest disappointment. I had wanted this product for years, so when I received it off my registry I was thrilled! But the scoop didn’t stick to the bathtub wall very well, and so now the whole scoop just sits in the tub, causing bath toys to spill out into the tub anyhow.

  • Video Monitor

    Video Monitor

    Some friends said this was a silly purchase, especially since our house is on the smaller side. But I love having a video monitor. We use it when out in the backyard and baby is napping, and it’s very helpful to catch little brothers and sisters who try to sneak in and wake up baby brother just to hold him!

  • Wipe Warmer

    Wipe Warmer

    This is the one item that we didn’t end up purchasing. After my original post, in which so many readers commented that the wipe warmer dried out their wipes, I asked around and sure enough, all of my friends confirmed that they could only load a few wipes at a time to warm or else they would dry out too easily. This seemed like more trouble than it was worth so we passed on the purchase, and 8 weeks later, baby boy seems to have warmed up to cold wipes!

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