Real Rooms: Twins Breadon & Brienna’s Garden Boutique Room


Today’s real room comes from my childhood friend Audrey of the blog Things We Do For Love. She recently sent me some photos of her twin daughters’ shared space for this feature, but teased in her e-mail that she wasn’t sure if I’d want to share them since our styles are very different, but I love that! I think that’s the fun in seeing kid’s rooms – they’re all so different, because we all have different tastes. Audrey and her girls LOVE pink and even though it’s not my thing, I still think there are cute elements to be inspired by in the room (i.e. the adorable sitting area she created for them). I love to be inspired by different spaces, but it doesn’t mean you have to take every single element of them and apply it to your own room. Look for the things you like and use them and make it your own. Thanks for sharing Breadon and Brienna’s room with us Audrey! And please feel free to submit your little one’s real room photos to share here at Disney Baby – I’ve loved seeing your rooms! (E-mail photos to: loveoflittlethings{at}gmail{dot}com.)

  • Real Rooms: Twins Breadon and Brienna's Garden Boutique Room

    Real Rooms: Twins Breadon and Brienna's Garden Boutique Room

    Click to see photos of twins Breadon and Brienna’s girly garden boutique room!

  • The Inspiration

    The Inspiration

    Sometimes inspiration comes from the most random places and in Audrey’s case, she was inspired by this little box she found. Finding a point of inspiration is definitely a good place to start when creating a space.

  • Decals


    Some fun, fashion-inspired decals hanging above the crib – the color scheme ties in with the inspiration as well.

  • Details


    A little wall sconce and stripey wall detail. Much of the decor in the girls’ room was DIY and repurposed which I love. It’s amazing what a little paint and some elbow grease can do for a space.

  • Mini Dressing Table

    Mini Dressing Table

    This is my favorite part of the room and I honestly kind of want a grown-up sized dressing table in MY room now. This is an example of finding inspiration and then making it your own. I love this idea, but since we don’t really do pink around here, I would look for something similar, but in a different color scheme. This is a fun little area that will grow with the girls.

  • Wall of Frames

    Wall of Frames

    Simply painting and hanging empty frames on a wall can create great visual interest in a room on the cheap. It’s a great way to repurpose old or thrifted frames and an easy DIY way to tie in your color scheme.

  • Wall Art

    Wall Art

    A lovely sentiment for little ones makes a lovely wall hanging.

  • Vignette


    Another peek at a little vignette on Breadon and Brienna’s wall.

  • Seating Area

    Seating Area

    This little seating area is so fun. It matches the chair from the dressing table and I can just imagine all the fun tea parties these two will have at this very table in the years to come.

  • Chandelier


    What boutique-inspired space would be complete without a chandelier? An instant way to add a little bit of glam to a room.

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