Real Moms Share Their 2013 Family and Parenting Goals

About 7 years ago, when my first born was only about 6 months old, I took my first interactive parenting class.  It was led by a credentialed Child Development Educator, and took place in a small classroom filled with lots of age and developmentally appropriate toys and climbing structures for the newly mobile babies to manipulate.  In between feedings and rocking and playing, a group of about 15 fellow moms discussed anything and everything that came to surface in our parenting journey.  But while for the most part the class was very unstructured, each semester we always discussed our parenting and family goals.  We spoke them out loud and the teacher took notes, and we discussed, and got new ideas and inspiration, and at times even disagreed with each other.  But it was always a wonderful time to sit and reflect on what we want our family to look like, and what goals were important to us.  As my kids get older the goals change, but each year I still think of a new goal for myself and our family.  I asked some of my fellow moms and bloggers what their parenting and family goals were for 2013, and as always, it filled me with a sense of inspiration and excitement for a new year to come.  Read on to hear what goals we hope to meet this year.

  • Erin Loechner of <a href=Design For Mankind & Design For Minikind" />

    Erin Loechner of Design For Mankind & Design For Minikind

    A huge goal is a complaining ban on our household. It’s amazing how the tiniest complaint (“It’s cold in here!” or “Ugh, laundry day.”) can seep into our overall mindset and leave us feeling grumpy and ungrateful for the blessings we have. And when you rule out complaints as part of your everyday rhetoric, it’s amazing how your conversations suddenly turn into deeper, more meaningful, and more positive discussions. Photo credit Woodnote Photography

  • Darlene Weir of <a href=Fieldstone Hill Design" />

    Darlene Weir of Fieldstone Hill Design

    One of my Parenting Goals for the New Year is also a Work goal. I learned that I cannot keep the line blurry between work and parenting, especially since my kids are home-schooled {i.e. home all day!}. Keeping work hours and hiring help is essential. My New Year’s Goal is to hire my sitter for one more afternoon, and add one more day a month of house-keeping help.

  • Casey Wiegand of <a href=The Wiegands" />

    Casey Wiegand of The Wiegands

    My goal is to do something monthly with my kiddos to help others!

  • Andrea Howe of <a href=For The Love Of" />

    Andrea Howe of For The Love Of

    My personal goal is to get out and enjoy our life here in Southern California more. My kids and husband are natural home bodies, but we are always made better by a little adventure, so in 2013 I want to plan more adventures and experiences with my family! Live and enjoy life just a little bit more!

  • Megan Davey of <a href=Chasing Davies" />

    Megan Davey of Chasing Davies

    My goal is to establish more traditions (not just around holidays) throughout the year that my growing family can establish and cherish.

  • Becka Robinson of <a href=Life As An Artistpreneur" />

    Becka Robinson of Life As An Artistpreneur

    A big goal for us this year is organizing all our photos of our son and creating a better system for keeping them in order.

  • Kimmie of <a href=Sugar and Dots" />

    Kimmie of Sugar and Dots

    Our children thrive from the routine we have created, but sometimes things happen and we realize that this schedule may all be for nothing. We have decided to enter 2013 with open arms and a new outlook. Forget the little things. Bend a rule once in a while. Push bedtime back a few minutes for some extra cuddles; or agree when the kids beg us to read the story just one more time. I’m so excited to see how letting go of a strict schedule will change us as a family! I have a feeling it’s going to change us for the better.

  • Amy Heinz of <a href=Using Our Words" />

    Amy Heinz of Using Our Words

    My goal is to bring more joy to our family. Whether it’s as simple as a fun breakfast or as involved as a big family vacation, I just want to find more ways to enjoy our moments together as a five-some.

  • Casi Densmore-Koon of <a href=Cupcake Mag" />

    Casi Densmore-Koon of Cupcake Mag

    In the last 8 months I’ve pinned over 3400 times on 80 boards. Whew, that’s a lot. I want to make those boards, ideas, DIY projects come alive in 2013. I want to not just pin it, I want to do it. I think this would not only be inspiring, creative and fun but a great challenge for myself. I’m looking forward to creating memories with my littles and Mr. Darling along the way.

  • Amber Dorsey of <a />From Carpools To Cocktails</a>

    Amber Dorsey of From Carpools To Cocktails

    We definitely want to encourage the kids to explore the world around
    them and plan on making time for more adventures both in our ‘hood and around the state. And we definitely want to read more as a family.

  • Natalie Haist Dixon of <a href=A Turtle's Life For Me" />

    Natalie Haist Dixon of A Turtle's Life For Me

    I plan on being more intentional with my time. Whether blogging, being a mommy, a wife, a business owner or anything else the day brings, I want to be more intentional and more present in what I’m doing.

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