Real Moms Share: How Did YOU Announce Your Pregnancy?

Announcing your pregnancy is one of the most exciting moments in your life. And it can be so much fun to surprise your friends, family, and even daddy-to-be by breaking the news in a fun or creative way. I polled real moms (and moms-to-be) to hear how they shared the big news. Read on to hear their stories and then share your own in the comments!

cute ways to announce pregnancy

1. A Framed Sonogram: “We told our moms on their birthdays and our dads on Christmas. We gave them each a frame with the sonogram inside” – Amanda R

2. I Love My Grandma: “I put a gift bag together of “grandma” stuff for my mom.. She opened it and was so confused! Grandma books, I love grandma outfit, etc.. Then a picture of the pregnancy tests! LOL. She believed us after that!” – Danielle M

3. A Photo Announcement: “Hubby was there for the pregnancy test; we told parents who live in NJ over Skype, and shared with world through cute announcement photos! ♥” – Jillian T

4. I’m a Big Brother: “We put a “I’m going to be a big brother” shirt on our dog. My mother-in-law thought we were getting another dog.” – Megan H

5. Thankful for a New Baby: “We broke the news to family at Thanksgiving. Our family always goes around the group and everyone says what they are thankful for. I said “our growing family…” and that’s how the news came out!” – Brittany S


6. Hidden Camera: “Hubby was in New Jersey, when he came home the day after, I setup the camera on the fireplace and gave him a gift bag with a positive test in it as well as a card and he opened it once he sat down. It was the best!” – Amanda M

7. Family Dinner Surprise: “My sister was in town for the weekend so we made a big deal about going out with our parents and invited Monty’s parents too. When we got there, we sat down for a little bit and talked and then I handed each mom an envelope with our sonogram in it that said something like “your little ones are having a little one”! My mother-in-law started screaming in excitement while my mom cried (she was excited too but she is more emotional). They both had been asking us for years when we were going to have kids and I think they just started to think we were never having them.” – Alison W

8. Happy Mother’s Day! “My sister waited until a big Mother’s Day get-together and gave my mom the ultrasound as a surprise gift.” – Kathleen F

9. P For Positive: “I had this elaborate plan, but I was so stunned it happened so fast that I called him in the bathroom and said “does that say positive” then took every test in publix to confirm.” – Anna C

10. Caught on Video! “Our friends did something cute: They got their family together and said they were going to do a group photo. They set the camera up and while everyone thought it was a self-timed photo, it was actually taking video the whole time. Once everyone got into place, the dad-to-be said “everyone say, ‘We’re having twins!'”. It was so sweet to see them say it and process what was going on. Once the excitement settled they said “Okay, lets take the photo for real now” (still on video, though). This time, the dad-to-be said “Okay, everyone say ‘We’re having twins!'”…and they had a second round of excitement. All recorded on video!” – Rebecca B

Image source: Be In The Moment Photo

How did you break the news or how do you plan on breaking the news? Share in the comments below! 

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