Real Life Princesses

Last month I wrote about my daughter, and the tale of her becoming a princess.  I told the story of how years later, she still pretends to be a princess and dresses up on a regular basis with friends and cousins.  Watching her continue with this stage of innocence, and seeing her imagination evolve into more elaborate play scenarios brings so much joy to me, and it inspired me to reach out to friends to see the real life princesses in their lives.  I encouraged them to share pictures of their princesses playing in their natural, everyday environments, and many included sweet stories and tales of their girls when they sent their pictures along.  It’s clear to see that these real life princesses are kind, carefree, funny, curious, caring, brave, strong and thoughtful.  They define what it truly means to be a princess.  Click through for scenes from the everyday lives of some real life princesses that will inspire. 

  • Twirling With Wild Abandon

    Twirling With Wild Abandon

    Real life princesses aren’t afraid to pair their gowns with a sensible set of tennis shoes, to make twirling in the park as carefree and comfortable as possible. (Photo of Allie, courtesy of Erin)

  • Your First Encounter With A Fellow Princess

    Your First Encounter With A Fellow Princess

    Some days are so special that only your finest princess attire will do, complete with your wand and tiara. Days like when you will be meeting a fellow princess for the very first time. You know that true beauty comes from within, but you also know the importance of making a good first impression. (Photo of Megan courtesy of Kate)

  • Running Wild, Crazy and Free

    Running Wild, Crazy and Free

    The duties of a princess are many, but it’s always a wonderful day when you can let go and run with your best friend till you’re out of breath. Life does not stop or even slow down, so sometimes you have to run to catch it. (Photo of Harper courtesy of Tera)

  • Never Take Yourself Too Seriously

    Never Take Yourself Too Seriously

    Sometimes princesses have a reputation of not liking to have fun, or work hard, but every princess I know is strong, playful and never takes herself too seriously. (Photo of Taylor courtesy of Andrea)

  • Loyal To The End

    Loyal To The End

    Everything is better when you have your best friend with you. A real life princess, is loyal through and through, and is a kind and caring friend. (Photo of Taylor courtesy of Andrea)

  • Playful


    Life should be enjoyed, and a princess knows that to enjoy it to the fullest, you must work hard and play hard. There is always plenty of time to have fun. (Photo of Katelyn courtesy of Alissa)

  • Curious and Brave

    Curious and Brave

    Some days there are things that both spark your curiosity, and scare you a little. But a princess knows that you must be curious and brave, and so you face your fears, and promise to always keep your curious nature. (Photo of Jill courtesy of Jeannett)

  • Never Afraid To Get Your Hands Dirty

    Never Afraid To Get Your Hands Dirty

    Being a real life princess is hard, and sometimes a messy job. But you’re never afraid to get your hands dirty if it means getting the job. Your gown can always be cleaned, but the chance to work hard may not always be there. (Photo of Lucy courtesy of Jeannett)

  • Courteous & Respectful

    Courteous & Respectful

    The manners of a princess aren’t just for show. They are meant to be courteous and respectful to her family and friends, so a princess always makes sure to curtsy and bow when needed. (Photo of Katelyn courtesy of Alissa)

  • Lending A Helping Hand

    Lending A Helping Hand

    A princess knows that family comes first, and so is always ready and willing to lend a helping hand to her family, especially her favorite little sister. No task is too small or too large, and helping to get sister dressed is one of the most important tasks of all. (Photo of Isla and Bronwyn courtesy of Romy)

  • Role Models

    Role Models

    Princesses are leaders and role models. They know that people, especially baby sisters, look up to them, and try their best to always show compassion, love and honesty. (Photo of Maggie and Alexandra courtesy of Courtney)

  • Brave and Strong

    Brave and Strong

    A real life princess may not always fit the typical mold, with fancy dresses and glittery shoes. They may choose to look up to someone important in their lives that models a different path for them. But they aren’t afraid to be different and unique, and swap out their fancy dress for a firefighter’s uniform. A princess must always wear her crown though. (Photo of Leila courtesy of Heather)

  • Gracious


    A real life princess is gracious and appreciative. She is a thoughtful and considerate host, and always shows good will to her guests. (Photo of Miranda courtesy of Maura)

  • Dare To Be Different

    Dare To Be Different

    Everyday a princess has to decide if she will follow the paths of others, or set her own trail by daring to be different. She knows that she doesn’t always have to play by someone else’s rules of what a princess should wear or look like, and isn’t afraid to be different. In fact she embraces her uniqueness. (Photo of Peyton courtesy of Kate)

So what is your real life princess like?  What are some of her most rewarding traits that truly embrace what it means to be a princess.

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