Ready, Set, Go! The Cutest Disney Baby Walkers

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me the Minnie Mouse Precious Petals Walker for free.

I feel like babies spend forever being able to do nothing but lie down. Then, they finally learn to roll over, and, it seems to me, seconds later, they’re sitting up, then crawling, walking, and running.

My baby is just at the sitting up stage, and we’re loving having a walker around so that she can be a little more mobile since she can’t yet walk on her own. It’s also a nice change of scenery for her and helps entertain her during that last dinner/pre-bed stretch (all you parents know exactly what time of day I’m talking about!).

Of course, my toddler, who has been walking for almost two years, ALSO wants to give it a spin. It’s just too fun to resist!

Check out all of Disney’s darling baby walkers — one of them is sure to be a perfect fit for your pre-walker (or, if your child is like mine, POST-walker!):

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