Readers’ Crazy Pregnancy Cravings

Pickles. Ranch dressing. Curly fries. Yep, I was a stereotypical pregnancy craver. And it made me wonder if the stereotype became a stereotype for a good reason. But, after polling my readers, I discovered there’s no end to the odd things women crave when they’re pregnant. Flip through this slideshow to see if your craving made the list.

  • Load Me Up

    Load Me Up

    When I saw this sign at the beach recently, I couldn’t help but think it read like a pregnant woman’s wish list. Was I right?

  • Citrus ... For Good Reason

    Citrus ... For Good Reason

    Oranges were an out-of-nowhere, intense craving for Michelle and Jeri. Britt explained that kidney stones are more common in pregnant women (herself included), and citrus is great at inhibiting the formation of kidney stones. Her body just seemed to know.

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  • A Little Bit of Everything

    A Little Bit of Everything

    Very Bloggy Beth actually wrote about how she is really into corn chips and strawberry ice cream … among other things.

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  • Milk ... Precisely

    Milk ... Precisely

    Angela says, “Milk, Milk, Milk! And it must be skim with a shot of chocolate milk at the bottom of a HUGE glass. I can’t get enough.”

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  • Double the Delicious

    Double the Delicious

    It wasn’t just any popsicle that would do for Kelly. It had to be the cheap, twinpop kind. Banana.

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  • Bake & Take

    Bake & Take

    Jodie of Hoffmanese said she would bake a cake every single time she was going to someone’s house to have an excuse to eat it…but not all of it.

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  • Iron Women

    Iron Women

    Stacy of Laptop TV Mom and Natalie were all about burgers. Stacy had to control herself by limiting herself to a burger/fry combo once a week. While Natalie drove 40 minutes out of her way to fulfill her craving the day she went into labor.

    Photo credit: morgueFile

  • 2 Boys, 2 Girls, 1 Craving

    2 Boys, 2 Girls, 1 Craving

    Simona — who just had baby #4 — said she had peanut butter and honey sandwiches with chocolate malt Ovaltine almost every day. With each and every pregnancy.

    Photo credit: morgueFile

  • Hearty Goodness

    Hearty Goodness

    Jodi of Mom’s Favorite Stuff was all about mashed potatoes and cheese quesadillas.

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  • Sweet Somethings

    Sweet Somethings

    Lisa of Hannemaniacs said she’d go nuts over any breakfast treat that included cinnamon. And cinnamon rolls were Teresa’s must-have menu item too.

    Photo credit: morgueFile

  • Strange Coincidence?

    Strange Coincidence?

    Kelly of The Centsible Life has four kids. Now each of them loves the thing she craved. “#1: sugar, #2: hamburgers (I was a vegetarian), #3: salad, #4: salty snacks.”

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  • Husband of the Year?

    Husband of the Year?

    Thien-Kim of I’m Not the Nanny said, “I had a Coke Slurpee almost everyday of both pregnancies. I was so addicted that hubby would just stop for one after work and walk in with one.”

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  • Stack 'em High

    Stack 'em High

    Cari of Lola and Maddie has been dreaming about lemon ricotta blueberry pancakes with her current pregnancy. And Robyn of Silicon Valley Mamas ate pancakes every morning during her 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

    Photo credit: morgueFile

  • Sweet-Tooth Twins

    Sweet-Tooth Twins

    Rebecca of Beccarama says, “I was all about lime froz fruits. And Hostess cupcakes. Though not necessarily together.”

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  • Nature's Finest

    Nature's Finest

    Melissa of Tales of the Anti-Preemie says apples were the only thing she could eat when she was pregnant with her first. Jen said fruit was her go-to food also.

    Photo credit: morgueFile

  • Carb-tastic


    Robin was a glutton for crackers. Triscuits, more specifically. And Heather loved the just-right sweet potato pie from a local restaurant. Kristen? She couldn’t get enough buttered noodles. Yum!

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  • Wholesome Goodness

    Wholesome Goodness

    Both pregnancies had Kari wanting artichokes, as well as honey nut O’s with blueberries.

    Photo credit: morgueFile

  • Odd Variety

    Odd Variety

    Courtney of Detroit Mommies wanted, mangos, peanut M&M’s and cottage cheese with frozen (but cooked) mixed veggies.

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  • Um, Yeah, That

    Um, Yeah, That

    Sam says, “It makes me sick to even type it but pineapple and canned chicken chunks. I couldn’t get enough and ate it throughout my first two trimesters with my first baby.”

    Photo credit: morgueFile

  • Packing in Protein

    Packing in Protein

    “Lots and lots of salami and meatballs!” for Tara.

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  • A Little Bit of This ... And That

    A Little Bit of This ... And That

    Kimberly of Pier to Peer said besides sushi, she also craved pineapple, cheeseburgers, and grilled cheese on sourdough with canned tomato soup.

    Photo credit: morgueFile

  • Blame it on the Rain

    Blame it on the Rain

    Leslie said, “Mushrooms. We visited Seattle when I was in my second trimester. It was the fall mushroom season. Everything on the menus had mushrooms. It jump-started the craving.”

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So, was it there? Did you crave anything odd, or typical, while you were expecting?

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