Pumpkin Fun for Babies and Toddlers

The arrival of Fall means pumpkins galore, and while most activities involving the autumn vegetable are mainly for the older kids, there are still a few ways that babies and young toddlers can get in on the action too!  Here are 5 ways to involve your baby and toddler in the pumpkin fun this season.

  • Pumpkin Painting

    Pumpkin Painting

    Your young toddler will love getting creative and messy by painting pumpkins a rainbow of colors, or even just all PINK! Just grab some newspapers, paint brushes and washable paint and let them at it. For the youngest of toddlers, skip the brushes and let them use their fingers.

  • Hammer Away

    Hammer Away

    This is still one of my kid’s favorite Fall activities, golf ball tee pumpkin hammering! Grab a bunch of dad’s golf tees and a small wooden hammer and let your little one hammer away. For really young toddlers, you may have to help them get started. This is a great activity to help teach hand/eye coordination as well as being fun!

  • Decorate It!

    Decorate It!

    Place a bowl of stickers, scraps of paper and ribbon, feathers and some markers out on a table, as well as a brush and glue, and let your budding artist make the pumpkin their canvas. Let their imagination soar and exercise both their hand, eye and artistic muscles all at the same time.

  • Pumpkin Bowling

    Pumpkin Bowling

    Young toddlers love to roll anything round, and small pumpkins are no exception. Set up a row of toilet paper rolls, or even some empty plastic bottles and let them roll the pumpkin up and down the lane. Pumpkin Bowling activity via Jeanetics.Net

  • Pumpkin Baby Food

    Pumpkin Baby Food

    So your baby can’t exactly paint yet, or even roll a 2 pound pumpkin around on the ground, but he can enjoy the tastes of the season with some fresh pureed pumpkin baby food! Try this recipe from Nurture Baby

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