Pull-Ups: Not Just for Potty Training

Now that Elvie has turned 18 months old, she seems to have turned a whole new toddler corner. She’s got preferences about everything, and not only is she going to let us know, in no uncertain terms, but she is also going to complain (loudly) when she doesn’t get what she wants. And one of the things she wants most? To be just like her big sister. If Zinashi is eating something, Elvie wants the same thing, the same way. If Zinashi has on a tutu, Elvie notices and brings me one of hers. And at night, when Zinashi has on her Pull-Ups to be ready for bed? Elvie notices, and she is disappointed that she is wearing a diaper.

While Elvie is not ready for potty training, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with buying her a pack of Disney Pull-Ups® Learning Designs® Training Pants and letting her try them out now. They are good for more than just potty training, and then when it’s time to potty train, she’ll be used to how they work. Here are two things we can do with Pull-Ups even before we’re ready to potty train in earnest.

First, Elvie loves to put on clothes and is learning to dress herself, slowly but surely. Pants seem to be the hardest thing, but practicing putting legs in the right holes and pulling up is perfect with Pull-Ups. She’ll be learning with something she’ll eventually wear anyway, and gaining proficiency in putting them on will make her more excited to use them. I’m sure that once she can put on a Pull-Up by herself, she’ll make it abundantly clear that she has no interest in diapers. Because they have easy-to-open sides, they are still really simple to change, so I don’t mind if she wants to take some practice days in them.


Second, there are sometimes situations in which we need an extra layer of protection on top of a diaper, and it’s nice to have something that contains the diaper completely. Putting a Pull-Up on top of a regular disposable diaper is an excellent solution. Especially when we travel, I can think of several times we’ll need that extra layer. I know from painful experience that a second line of defense is necessary in the event that the seat belt sign comes on, and stays on, when Elvie could really use a diaper change. It’s also critical to have an extra layer of absorbency when we are sleeping on beds that are not our own. Elvie will be thrilled to put on something like the big girls wear for these purposes, whereas if I did a double diaper, she’d probably just give me the side eye, like I’m nuts.

And of course, while using the Pull-Ups for these two purposes, I also get the added bonus of exposing Elvie to skills she’ll need when we do potty train. I can point out when she is wet, which will be easy to tell with the fading patterns feature. I can show her how we pull them down so she can sit on the toilet (which she has tried and thinks is hilarious), then pull them back up when we’re done. She’ll feel like a big girl, and that will be the most fun of all.

If your little girl is itching to be a big girl like mine is, you can purchase Disney Pull-Ups® Learning Designs® Training Pants, featuring Disney Princesses and Minnie Mouse, online at Amazon, Babies”R”Us, and Walmart, and in store at Kmart. For boys (or girls who prefer a different design) they are also available in a CARS Lightning McQueen design at Amazon, Babies”R”Us, and Walmart, and in store at Kmart.

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