Look at me! Look at me!

My nearly-two-year-old baby boy has a new phrase: “Look at me!” I’m not even sure where he learned the phrase from or when he started saying it, but now he says it every day. We get different variations of the phrase, such as “Look at me, look at me!” or “Look at me, mommy (daddy, sissy)!” – all are equally cute to hear. How can you refuse such an adorable request?

Proud Toddler Source: D Sharon Pruitt/Flickr


Whenever our baby boy says “Look at me!” I immediately look up at him and acknowledge whatever it may be he wants to show me. I want to encourage him to feel proud of his actions and accomplishments. This is how he’ll begin to learn to continue to try new things and not give up. For a toddler, this is super important.

It’s so incredibly sweet to hear him shouting out in his most excited voice, “Look at me, mommy!” He will say it for just about anything he wants to show me. Some of his latest “look at me” moments included:

  • Putting on a pair of shorts on top of the jeans he was already wearing.
  • Taking off his shirt and getting his arm stuck halfway in it.
  • Taking off one of his socks.
  • Putting on a hat.
  • Playing dress-up with his big sister.
  • Building a block tower – then knocking it over.
  • Using a fork to eat by himself.
  • Jumping.
  • Reading a book (well, in his own toddler way).
  • Playing with any one of his toys.

It doesn’t matter if his feat is small, large, or even a “mistake” – my baby boy is proud to show me all he does. Look at me, mommy? I’m happy to oblige, baby boy!

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