Princess Crown Cake

Adorned with purple candy gemstones and sweet fondant hearts, this shimmery baby shower cake serves as a sweet tribute to the little princess and mom-to-be.

Princess Crown Cake

You’ll need:

  • Baked 9- by 13-inch baked yellow or white cake
  • Wax paper
  • Rectangular cake board or serving tray
  • Template for Princess Crown Cake
  • Scissors
  • Kitchen knife for cutting the cake
  • Pastry brush
  • Pink frosting
  • Spatula for frosting the cake
  • Clear or pink cake decorating sugar crystals
  • Craft knife
  • Palm-size hunk of prepared white fondant
  • Gel food coloring, pink and lavender
  • Food preparation gloves (for kneading food coloring into the fondant)
  • Heart shape fondant cutters, 1 1/2-inches wide and 3/4-inch wide
  • Rolling pin
  • White Good & Plenty candies
  • 5 purple hard candies


1. Center the cake on a wax paper-topped cake board or serving tray.


2. Print the template and cut out the pieces. Tape the two crown halves together in the center. Use the completed template as a pattern for trimming the cake into a crown shape. Sweep any stray crumbs away with a dry pastry brush.

3. Spread an initial coat of pink frosting on the top and sides of the cake, just thick enough to seal in the crumbs. Set the cake aside for a while to allow the frosting to harden. Then spread on a second coat of frosting.

4. Press cake-decorating sugar into the frosting to give the crown a sparkly effect. Use the pastry brush to sweep away any loose granules. Then use the craft knife to trim the wax paper away from the sides of the cake.

5. For the finishing touches, tint half of the fondant lavender, roll it out, and cut a thin long strip (about 3/8- by 14-inches) from it. Twist the strip into a decorative piece of trim for the crown base and gently place it on the cake. Trim the ends to the right length. Then press down just enough to stick the fondant in place. Cut out a 1 1/2-inch-wide heart from the remaining lavender fondant and set it aside for now.

6. Tint the remaining fondant pink, and cut out three 3/4-inch hearts from it. Set the hearts on the face of the crown, layering one of the smaller hearts atop the larger lavender one in the center, as shown. Gently press the fondant into the frosting just enough to stick the hearts in place.

7. Add an ornamental row of white Good & Plenty by standing them on end and pressing them down into the cake. Finally, add purple hard candy “jewels” to the crown tips.

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