Play With Your Food | Creative Turkey Treats!

Whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat lover, a healthy food addict or a sweet stuff craver, these creative ways to play with your food will have you eating more “turkey” this Thanksgiving. Get the kiddos involved or surprise them with some of these fun turkey-inspired ideas. Everyone will surely gobble them up (pun intended!)…

  • Sugar Cookie Turkey

    Sugar Cookie Turkey

    Sugar cookies aren’t just for Christmas anymore. Decorate them with icing and candies to look like little turkeys. Recipe via the link below.

  • Pumpkin Muffin Turkey

    Pumpkin Muffin Turkey

    Wanna keep things healthy? Swap out cupcakes for muffins and candycorn for apples and grapes and you’ve got a super cute turkey treat full of fruit! Directions via the link below:

  • Apple Turkey

    Apple Turkey

    Let the kiddo’s make the “feathers” by stacking healthy treats on skewers and then poking them into a fresh apple. Use raisins, marshmallows, popcorn, pretzels, grapes, or whatever you like!
    Make and Takes

  • Bento Lunch Meat Turkey

    Bento Lunch Meat Turkey

    Great creative with lunch with this idea for a turkey out of lunch meat and veggies.
    Crouching Mother, Hidden Toddler

  • Brownie Bite Turkey

    Brownie Bite Turkey

    Let little ones help decorate these chocolate-dipped brownie bites with candy corn to make them look like little turkey birds. Tutorial via the link below.
    Sweet Tooth

  • Cake Pop Turkey

    Cake Pop Turkey

    These are so fun for a post dinner treat and would look great decorating your table. Kids can help you put these together by sticking the pretzel “legs” into the body or adding the candycorn “feathers”. Directions via the link below.
    Little Miss Sweet and Spicy

  • Cookie Turkey

    Cookie Turkey

    These couldn’t be easier. Even the pickiest little eater is bound to love these little cookie turkeys! Tutorial via the link below:
    We Love Being Moms

  • Cupcake Turkey

    Cupcake Turkey

    Easy and oh-so-portable, these cupcake turkeys are adorable. Kiddo’s can help decorate them or just gobble them up. (Pun intended!)

  • Lunchbox Turkey

    Lunchbox Turkey

    You could make this with a pb & j for kiddo’s that aren’t fond of meat. The carrot sticks keep it healthy, the creativity keeps it fun.
    This Lunch Rox

  • Oreo Turkey

    Oreo Turkey

    A holiday isn’t a holiday without oreos and peanut butter cups. Transform favorite goodies into little turkeys with the tutorial below:
    Bella Dreams

  • Pancake Turkey

    Pancake Turkey

    Wake wee ones up on Turkey Day with this healthy turkey inspired breakfast of pancakes and bananas.
    Little Nummies

  • PB Toast Turkey

    PB Toast Turkey

    Kids will love this healthy turkey snack of peanut butter (or your favorite nut butter substitute) toast with cereal, raisins, or even chocolate chip “feathers”.
    Little Nummies

  • Pear Turkey

    Pear Turkey

    Swap out meat for fruit with this super creative all fruit idea. Pears, apple slices, and oranges are all ya need!
    Lil Sugar

  • Pepper Turkey Sandwhich

    Pepper Turkey Sandwhich

    Up the vitamin factor (and cool colors) with a turkey sandwich and pepper “feathers”.

  • Veggie Platter Turkey

    Veggie Platter Turkey

    For you vegetarians out there, or even just those looking to add some healthy to your thanksgiving dinner, this gorgeous veggie platter is the perfect option. Tutorial via the link below:
    Living Locurto


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