Planning for Christmas Dinner: Will Picky Baby Eat It?

It’s no secret that Elvie is still not a fan of food. She likes her bottle, thank you very much, and maybe she will lick the salt off a pretzel stick, but that’s it. I’m sure she wonders why we keep trying. The answer is twofold: first, we hope that she will eventually get used to the flavors and textures of food and enjoy it, and second, it’s really funny. We are still not worried about Elvie’s food aversions; she is growing beautifully on the formula we give her, and I know that worrying won’t help. We just have to wait until she’s ready. In the meantime, we can all enjoy the faces she makes as she tries new foods. That is why I am planning Christmas dinner with glee, imagining my baby’s face as we put more new foods into her mouth. As a bonus, for Christmas, we will also be offering her something fun to drink. Read on to find out what we’ll be offering Elvie for Christmas dinner. Then check back the day after Christmas to see how she liked it.

Ham with Dijon Maple Glaze I love spiral sliced ham, but the smallest one I could find was nearly eight pounds. That’s a lot of ham for a small family! Such indulgence is definitely a holiday treat, and we will be putting plenty of leftovers in the freezer for future meals. Recipe here.


Scalloped Potatoes I grew up on a farm in the Midwest, where the natural accompaniment for any meat is potatoes, and the natural accompaniment for ham is potatoes smothered in cheese. I’ll citify these a bit by using fancy cheese and some fresh herbs. Nothing says holiday decadence to me like making the extra effort with fresh herbs. Recipe here.

Haricorts Vert Sauteed in Butter with Shallots With just one oven, we’re maxed out on oven dishes with the ham and potatoes. Haricorts vert are basically fancy green beans, and I’ll embrace that bit of fancy, as well as the ease with which I can make this side dish. It’s simple and tasty, and we can hand Elvie a whole green bean to play with.

Rolls with Homemade Butter and Friend-Made Jam I enjoy making rolls, but it’s a bit too fussy for a meal that’s just for the four of us, so I’ll get some good ones at a nearby bakery and let the butter and jam fill in for the homemade part. Zinashi can shake a jar of salted cream with the best of them, so she will be in charge of the butter, and two friends have sent us jam recently, so we’ll be able to choose between grape and plum, or have both. Elvie’s roll will probably be plain, but we’ll give her a bit of each jam to try on its own.

Sparkling Apple Cider In our house, fizzy means fancy, so this is sure to go over well with Zinashi. We look forward to the look on Elvie’s face when the bubbles hit her tongue. Will she like it? My guess is no. Will it be funny? My guess is yes.

Brownie Sundaes with Pecan Pie Ice Cream and Caramel Sauce This sounds so delicious to me, and while a sundae isn’t a traditional holiday dessert, I know that the three of us who like food will love it. I can’t wait to see what reactions the different components garner from our picky baby. It’s sure to be a good time for all.


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