Moms Speak Out: I Never Knew I’d Fear…

I have realized there are certain things I now worry about that I didn’t BEFORE. Things I know were never a concern for me in the past, but after becoming a mom, they are now an issue. I suppose it’s normal to feel that way – after all, we now have lives we are responsible for and that depend on us…daily! For me, a big parental fear is that I won’t be (or do) enough in the eyes of my children.

I figured I wasn’t alone in this, so I asked a few friends and found out what they now fear as moms that they did not fear prior to becoming a parent. Do you share their parenting fears?

Moms Speak Out: I Never Knew I’d Fear…

  • Moms Speak Out: I Never Knew I'd Fear...

    Moms Speak Out: I Never Knew I'd Fear...

    Check out what these moms had to say they now fear as parents!

  • Their Happiness

    Their Happiness

    “My husband and I have 2 wishes for our children: to be healthy and to be happy. I fear that someone or even one of us could inadvertently mess up their happiness. Being a parent is so difficult, you think you are doing something right but results may vary for whatever reason…” ~ Xenia Galaviz, Raised by Cuture

    Photo: Theodore Scott/Flickr

  • Being Responsible For More Than Myself

    Being Responsible For More Than Myself

    “One of the biggest fears we now have as parents is knowing that you are no longer just living for yourself anymore. Everything that you do is about you and your child, and that can be scary, because it’s easy to just be responsible for yourself, but the true fears come in when you have to be responsible for the whole.” ~ Karen Hudson, MommyNoire

    Photo: Sukanto Debnath/Flickr

  • Flying


    “I didn’t start to fear flying until I became a mom. Every single time I get on a plane by myself after I had children, I get anxious. I know the stats and they make me feel safer, but whenever turbulence occurs, I get a knot in my stomach and my heart starts racing.” ~ Jeannette Kaplun, Hispana Global

    Photo: Soon/Flickr

  • Their Safety

    Their Safety

    “As our firstborn son has gotten older, our fears have changed. He just turned 19, and I worry about him when he goes out…He has never been in any trouble and he’s a good kid – but good kids get hurt too…I fear for his safety, above all else.” ~ Rosalynda Thorn, Mommy Powers

    Photo: Nathan Jones/Flickr

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