The Pacifier Debate: A Tale of Two Babies

My 6-year-old daughter had a pacifier as a baby. She was 2 1/2 years old before we were able to get rid of it. Though I didn’t want her to have a pacifier, we introduced one to her since it seemed she needed consoling and I was getting worn out from the constant pretend-nursing sessions. On the contrary, my 1 1/2 year old son never took to the pacifier, even though we did introduce it a couple of times. So, which is better – pacifier or not?

Baby with a Pacifier Source: Tanel Teemusk/Flickr


I’ll admit that for a long while, the pacifier was a life-saver. It definitely helped my baby girl calm down and soothe herself, which was great for car rides, shopping trips, and long waits. But, as she got older, the pacifier began to be a burden. Baby girl became dependent on it, we had to make sure to always have it with us, and she would constantly drop it. Our lives became entirely consumed by her pacifier.

My baby boy, however, never used a pacifier. We introduced it a bit, but he wouldn’t keep it in his mouth very long. Though there were times when we wished he would take it, we survived. And, it really wasn’t that bad. Plus, we didn’t have to deal with the ordeal of removing the pacifier.

We had two very different experiences with our babies and the pacifier. We survived both, as you find yourself doing with pretty much anything in parenting. To be honest, I think there are both pros and cons to pacifiers, and either way can work dependent on what your baby needs.

Do you prefer a pacifier for your baby? Or do you plan on using one for your baby-to-be?

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