Our Path to Elvie: Remembering the Special Days

As of June 23, it will be one year since we met Elvie, and June 25 marks one year of her officially being in our family and having her in our care. As those dates draw closer, I have started to reminisce about all the special moments that led us to her. Sometimes just before I turn in for the night, I’ll look back at what we were doing a year ago, to see if anything particularly special was going on. Turns out that one year ago today was one of my favorite days in the long slog of preparation for meeting Elvie. It may seem a silly little thing to some, but to me, it was a big deal.


One year ago, we finally booked plane tickets to Ethiopia so that we could meet Elvie, tell a judge officially that we wanted to be her family, and then take her into our arms forever. We had waited what seemed like a very long time to know just when we’d be able to meet her. I remember the tremendous feeling of relief when I got the confirmation email from our travel agency, that all was set for us to fly.

I made the countdown sign right away, and we have a photo of Zinashi holding it every day, with the numbers crossed off as time crawled by. There was such joy in knowing that we had a date to meet her. I remember that feeling of anticipation, of knowing. In a sea of unknowns – medical issues, timing between court and embassy appointments, simply wondering what she would be like and if she’d like us right away – there was one known thing. A set date to fly, finally. It was a wonderful day.

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