Our Heirloom Tree | Three Generations and Counting

Growing up my dad made a big deal about decorating the tree. He was hugely talented at it. He would spend hours positioning the lights just so. And then we’d add ornaments one by one as a family. As we pulled them out of boxes he and my mom would tell me the history of each ornament- where we got them, how old they were, what they commemorated. When I was a little girl, we had ornaments from my life, my mom and dad’s marriage, and my parent’s childhoods. Last year my parents passed a lot of those heirloom ornaments down to me. Boxes of ornaments in original condition dating back to the 1920’s.

And I know the stories. And as I pull them out of boxes (after putting the lights on the tree just so) I tell their stories to my husband. And in the Christmases to come we will add more, while telling our son the stories behind the ornaments. And when he’s older (hopefully) he will tell the same stories to his family. And he’ll add his own new ornaments to our family’s collection with his own stories both hilarious and heartfelt. This is our 5th tree as a couple, our 1st as a family of three, and just another tree in the history of our ornaments, four generations and counting

  • Our First Family Tree

    Our First Family Tree

    It didn’t take us very long to decide on this pine-scented beauty. She will start a legacy of family Christmas trees that I’m excited to share with our son.

  • Vintage Ornaments

    Vintage Ornaments

    Some of the ornaments on our tree are almost 100 years old. Their colors are faded and the glitter on them has turned back but they hold my family history in their spheres.

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