Our Goodbye to Disney Baby

About a year ago, I was invited to be a part of this magical place, Disney Baby. While I was overwhelmed with excitement about writing for such a beloved site, I’d never done anything like this, and I had no idea what to expect. A year later, I can tell you it’s been a wonderful journey. I’ve really and truly had the chance to embrace the sweet baby moments as my little girl — a third child — has experienced them. This opportunity has allowed me to focus in, reach out, and soak up the wonder that is motherhood.


Well, this month, my Disney baby became a Disney kid. Yes, she turned two and, together, we’re growing up and leaving the baby stage behind. It’s a bit sad to say goodbye to dimpled wrists, cozy snuggles, and powder-fresh scents, but I’m confident wherever life leads us next will be just as thrilling.

So thank you. For reading my words. Encouraging me with your advice. And sharing in my motherhood adventures. I hope you’ll continue to follow our journey (perhaps your Disney baby is growing up too…or you want a look ahead, with a smile). You can always find us on my personal blog, Using Our Words (keep up by liking my Facebook page or following me on Twitter). I’ll also be launching an Instagram challenge next week, so if you love to take motherhood-inspired pictures, I hope you’ll join me.

As a fond farewell, I’ve put together some pictures that prove “Pink” is ready to say goodbye to her baby days.

  • Here We Go...

    Here We Go...

    It’s bittersweet, my friends.

  • She's Mastered the

    She's Mastered the "Who Me?" Look

    She’s not so innocent anymore.

  • She's Got Her Hands Full

    She's Got Her Hands Full

    Who can keep track of all these babies? Pink. (Thanks to a mouth full of chompers.)

  • She's Up, Up, and Away

    She's Up, Up, and Away

    Not only can she climb up to her brother’s top bunk, she can sing all the words to Wheels on the Bus at the same time. Now that’s toddler multitasking!

  • She's Got Two Feet & Endless Determination

    She's Got Two Feet & Endless Determination

    She insists that she can walk all the way to the bus stop to pick up her big brother. (Yes, we have to leave a bit earlier now…)

  • She's More Mobile

    She's More Mobile

    And so is her changing table. In fact, she brings the cushion to me when she’s decided it’s time for a clean diaper.

  • She's My Little Helper

    She's My Little Helper

    When she’s done with her dishes, she insists on “helping” with mine.

  • She's Got French Braid-able Hair

    She's Got French Braid-able Hair

    Enough said.

  • She Wakes Up and Takes Off

    She Wakes Up and Takes Off

    Her pajamas, that is.

  • She Wears Makeup

    She Wears Makeup

    It’s true, kids grow up too fast these days.

  • She's Stage Ready

    She's Stage Ready

    Look out, Miley Cyrus, this cutie has her hands up too. And, yes, she’s playing your song.

  • She's Eating Like a Champ

    She's Eating Like a Champ

    Forget bottles, this girl likes her milk frozen, chocolatey, in a tall glass, with a straw.

  • She's a Little Monkey

    She's a Little Monkey

    She runs. She climbs. She swings. And all with a bulging diaper!

  • She's Found a Seat at the Table

    She's Found a Seat at the Table

    Buh-bye high chair.

  • She's Got Style

    She's Got Style

    Sure, it may be a bit more Jane Fonda than Vogue, but she owns it.

  • She Reads and Writes

    She Reads and Writes

    She did this without any help at all. Impressive, right?

  • She's Off!

    She's Off!

    Don’t forget to follow…she’s still pretty easy to keep up with. (But that may not last for long!)

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