Our Family Motto

It wasn’t really a conscious choice. It all started way back in the olden days when Lenny and I were dating. When I would get stressed out or grumpy, he’d start shaking his hips. Then he’d say, “Dance it out … Dance it out.” What he lacks in rhythm, he makes up for in enthusiasm, so I always ended up laughing, and dancing right alongside him. It was a great way to relieve any tension and be reminded that we had each other — and the choice to make the best of things.


Once we had kids, stress took on a whole new role in our lives. From lost jobs to lost loved ones to pregnancy concerns, our responsibilities just got bigger and bigger (such is life, right?). But no matter what we’ve faced, we’ve always had music. And we’ve done our best to raise our kids with the same mentality.

Kid’s favorite toy broke? Turn up his favorite song and dance it out.

Feeling under the weather? A swaying cuddle is the perfect medicine. Just dance it out.

Impatiently waiting for a friend to arrive? Kill time with a boogie and dance it out.

Whatever life hands us, we deal with it, then we do our best to cheer each other up. Dance it out. And boy do my little ones have moves!

What’s your family’s motto?

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