Our Family Christmas Photo

Trying to get a decent picture of my three kids is close to impossible. I see other families post gorgeous (frequent) shots of smiling, cooperating children and wonder how many cookies it took to get that natural looking photo snapped. (Oh wait, am I the only one who bribes my kids?!)

It’s so ridiculous, in fact, that our family Christmas card was a bunch of bad photos of the the threesome (in black and white) and one lovely professional photo my friend took (in color), with the line, “We believe in miracles.”

Well, I was determined to recreate the miracle (which, I should note, hasn’t been done since May). I bought the whole family new pjs so we could get that epic photo on Christmas morning. Nope. I attempted a posed in front of the Christmas tree shot. Nope. By the end of the day, I’d lost my cool. And so had the kids.

But I got my picture. Sort of.

family christmas
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