Our Disney Baby Wish List for Elvie’s Hospital Stay

Sometime in the near future, we hope to be finding out the date of Elvie’s big surgery. The surgery is a pretty big deal, and involves reconstructing much of the lower part of her torso, some internal organs, and even her pelvic bone. We are told that she will need to be in the hospital at least a week for recovery, and so even though we don’t have a definite date set yet, I’ve been making lists and getting prepared for the stay. I want to make our stay as simple and comfortable as possible.

Because Elvie was in the hospital for an extended stay when we first brought her home from Ethiopia, I have a good idea of what she will need for her post surgery stay. Many of the things I plan on bringing are things the hospital provides in one form or another, but I prefer that she has things that are her own, that are soft and smell like home. Hospital laundry is scratchy! I’ve made a short list of linens and toys that I’d like to have and was pleasantly surprised to find many Disney Baby items that would suit our needs. Here is our wish list:

  • Girly Knit Blanket

    Girly Knit Blanket

    I’ve got a blanket that I made for Elvie that is her favorite, but when it gets dirty, we often sub in knit blankets. Because hospital life can get messy, we could use a couple more. I love this sweet blanket in both the purple and the pink.

  • Swaddle Blankets

    Swaddle Blankets

    Swaddle blankets are handy for many things in the hospital. Not only are they good for adding a touch more warmth, but they can also be spread out over anything you’d rather your baby not touch directly. I also found that putting a swaddle blanket over the standard hospital vinyl chair kept me from sticking to the chair and having obvious sweat in awkward places. These blankets have a sweet print and would be a welcome sight in the hospital room.

  • Burp Cloths, Lots and Lots of Burp Cloths

    Burp Cloths, Lots and Lots of Burp Cloths

    Caring for a baby in the hospital can be a messy business, and the washcloths they provide don’t always do the job. These Baby Burpies are not only soft, absorbent, and bigger than your average washcloth, but they’re cute to boot.

  • Knit Jackets

    Knit Jackets

    Blanket are great for layering for sleep, but when Elvie is up and about, I like to have some layering options that still make it easy to monitor vital signs. We’ve got white kimono shirts, and pop of color will be just the thing to brighten up the day’s ensemble. These knit jackets in pink and purple are just right for our needs.

  • Fun and Fancy Shoes

    Fun and Fancy Shoes

    Hospital life is not conducive to dressing up, but you can always add a little something fancy somewhere. These Tinker Bell shoes would be just the thing to add a little sparkle every day.

  • A Little Piglet

    A Little Piglet

    Elvie loves to play with all of Zinashi’s stuffed animals, but she doesn’t have many of her own. This Piglet is a good size for her and would be a cheerful friend in her hospital crib.

  • A Little Toy With a Little Noise

    A Little Toy With a Little Noise

    We’re not big on noisy toys that require batteries, but simple little items that Elvie can manipulate to make sound are a big hit. This Disney Princess Birdie Chime is available at Kohl’s and would be just the thing to hang on the side of Elvie’s hospital crib so that she could play whenever she likes.

  • Toiletries


    We don’t use products with phthalates or parabens, so it’s best to bring our own soap, lotion, and other toiletries to the hospital. This It’s A Small World Skin Essentials travel set has calming lotion, moisturizing soap, and a lavender mist to help calm and soothe.

  • Someone to Watch Over Her

    Someone to Watch Over Her

    As a kid, I loved Pluto. Everyone else was into Mickey or Goofy or Donald, but I thought Pluto was the best. Maybe I still think that. As much as I think our house is overrun by stuffed animals already, I would welcome Pluto to watch over Elvie’s hospital crib and then come home to join our very large stuffed animal family.

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