Our 5 Favorite Low-Tech Toys

Some toys and games are classics for a reason. They don’t lose their charm after one use and (score!) they don’t run out of batteries.

Here are our favorites in a two-and-under household:

  • Stickers


    These are my daughter’s absolute favorite items. Give her a sheet of stickers and a blank piece of paper, and she’ll be happy for an hour. My secret weapon for airplane rides.

    Available on Amazon or any grocery store/drug store/dollar store

  • Play Food

    Play Food

    I had no idea how many mornings I would spend sitting at a tiny table eating pretend sandwiches. Happily, now Ella is willing to spend time on her own making meals and serving them to imaginary friends.

    From Melissa and Doug

  • Memory


    We bought an old Memory game for $1 at a garage sale last fall and it has been, without question, the most popular item we own. My poor mother played at least 100 games of it when she stayed with Ella for a week.

    This version is available on Amazon

  • Play-Doh


    I know. It’s going to end up mashed into your carpet and eventually all the tubs will be filled with an ugly gray-ish brown mix of colors. But it buys me 30 minutes of dinner prep any time I want it.

    Available at Target

  • Bubbles


    Is there possibly a more appealing activity? When the librarian pulls out the bubble machine at story time, the kids go nuts, and my daughter is just as enthusiastic at home on our patio.

    Available here

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