One Thing I Love About Being Pregnant

I’ve noticed this time around that being obviously pregnant has made people be much more friendly and chatty.

Pregnant with Toddler

I stood in line to vote and the man in front of me told me about delivering his baby on the bathroom floor, eighteen minutes after his wife’s water broke.

When my husband and I were walking back from a neighbor’s house, a pizza delivery guy stopped to ask us how far along I was and tell us that he had 14-month-old twins at home.

While Ella and I were at the grocery store, a grandfather, with his three grandsons, asked if I was having a girl or a boy, and when I responded that it was a second girl, he told me he’d had four daughters.

The librarian who runs the toddler storytime found out I was having another girl and excitedly told me that her first granddaughter was expected in a few months too.

I love hearing other people talk about their families and their children, and that my pregnancy gives me a chance to feel more a part of my community.

Have you had this experience?

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